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  1. Jade, is that you? I know spelling isnt your strong suit Miss Goody, so I thought I would ask!!!
  2. It's all a load of crap, Channel 4 are probably wetting themselves with excitement over this. It's just what they wanted when they put that uneducated bunch of ignorant oafs in there with somebody from a diffrent culture that they didnt have a hope in hell of understanding. Big Brother always has been and always will be about bullying and victimisation of individuals by a higher authority(BB) and the sooner it is banned from the airwaves the better, and dont give me that crap about the early series' being a "social experiment", it truly is the worst kind of Soma for the Gammas!!! If Shilpa had any sense she would walk out and go home, she doesnt need the exposure so much that she would put up with that shit does she??!! Actually, Shilpa is quite fit though!
  3. jack


    Happy birthday mate!! (Now, do you see the advantage of using a crap happy birthday gif? Nobody pinches it!!!! )
  4. Happy birthday mate!! (You lads really need to get yourself some new happy birthday gifs, you wouldnt find me using the same one all the time!!! )
  5. Have a good one mate!
  6. I should have asked for more, you paid up so easily!!! =)) =))
  7. Nah, Chris Evans isnt usefull like a cunt is!!!!

  8. I've had a sack,crack and back wax, so i'm all ready for ya big boy!!!!

  9. You only have to worry when lfc asks how much for a rough shag!!! Boy are you in trouble then!!!! (Check my profile if you dont beleive me!!! )
  10. Set of hubcaps and a car radio!!!

  11. Bloody hell! Youre hitting on me as well now!!!!!!! :o)

  12. Not sure it would run on a ZX Spectrum anyway, unless it could support cassette tape recording.......
  13. jack

    Happy Birthday!

    Have a good one mate!!!
  14. jack

    Happy birthday mate!!

  15. Not in the Royal Navy, I am reliably informed. And I never endured anything like "soggy biscuit" at the public school I attended, they are actually quite civilised places these days. Another urban legend I think.......
  16. Ah, thats right. He was a real person!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Neil_Milne_Johnstone
  17. Paul Neil Milne Johnstone, I think. It had to be changed for some reason but I cant remember why..........
  18. I kind of liked Nancy Millstone-Jennings' work "The dead swans lay in the stagnant pool. They lay. They rotted. They turned Around occassionally. Bits of flesh dropped off them from Time to time. And sank into the pool’s mire. They also smelt a great deal."
  19. Hi mate. A much belated merry xmas and a happy new year to you and yours.

  20. Yeah, she does so that...........
  21. Hey up db! Always drink the tea! Tea is good!!

  22. Maybe you want to take the shoes off me as well, do you big boy? Well, do ya??? :~)

  23. Did she fall asleep during the first one???
  24. This is worth a look: Spyware doctor for free.
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