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  1. Just use this guide for a regular Audio CD that should work in car stereo.
  2. Allways use the latest. Because you don't see the errors, it doesn't mean they are not. The older just did not show them.
  3. You are way back in time. ImgBurn has evoluated to version You should update it.
  4. I think storing as ISO is convenient because it is a single (sometimes with additional descriptor file) compact file vs. a lot of files/folders that are inside.
  5. Basicaly any program that is able to use or have acces to optical drive can interfere. SPTD is from Duplex Secure, a driver that is installed from various CD/DVD emulators like Daemon Tools Here are some info if you want to disable or remove SPTD.
  6. I you have a legal purchased key, contact them, solve the problem. If not... learn to use Google.
  7. I never clone the system partition. I always install from scratch deleting the partition and formatting at install. Never took me more than 3-4 hours installing OS, updating, configuring an all the programs that I use, and want. Why is taking you so long? Grab a beer or two and a cup of coffee and by time you'd drink it you are done an have a fresh OS instlled. Better than clone in my oppinion. Oh, and I allways block my homepage through registry!
  8. No. Just the .mds, ImgBurn will take care of the rest. Use the Write mode
  9. If it not has DL on it it is single layer also known as DVD5. It means what it says. ImgBurn is smart enough to determin what you intend to do based on what files you feed it. So if you select a correct DVD Video structure it will suggest the correct adjustment, so the result will end in a standard DVD Video disc that will play in any standalone DVD Player.
  10. Same if you read with the other drive? Update both drives firmware to latest Reader and Writer Also update Windows to SP3
  11. Use this Guide for Single Layer or this Guide for Double Layer DVD
  12. Update latest drive firmware from here You are using 8x media on an old drive. Try to get 2.4x media for that drive if the firmware don't fix that.
  13. It's not empty. It is multisession with free space left. ImgBurn can't write on that at the moment. Sometime in future. Use a blank disc.
  14. No at the moment. It will be available in future sometime, as LUK! said, it is not a high priority on his to-do list.
  15. You don't have a CD/DVD drive with writing capability. Or it is not detected. Post a log.
  16. You can try to update chipset/storage drivers, see if that improove something. If the Verbatim not working most probably your drive is on the way out.
  17. The IDE connector is controlled by the GIGABYTE SATA2 chip whatever it be in BIOS. Oh! BIOS version is it up to date (F8)? For update to work probably you have to set the drive single on cable as master and run as Admin.
  18. Connect the drive to one of the SATA2 (I think it is the white colored in picture) connection and disable RAID in BIOS for GIGABYTE SATA2 chip. Then try the update again.
  19. You don't have to make an ISO before burn. Just use "Build" mode and add .avi and .srt files and burn it to disc That .avi and .srt should fit in a CD, why put it on DVD? If you have to make a DVD Video that any stanalone DVD player will read, use DVDFlick or ConvertXtoDVD.
  20. ianymaty

    Taiyo Yuden

    Depends on what are you plan to archive on them. For DVD Video use DVD-R for more compatibility with cheap or older DVD players and a little more space than DVD+R For Data use DVD+R for a better defect management
  21. Your DVD player support NTSC?
  22. If you have more than one CD/DVD drive be sure you set device and priority order in BIOS correctly.
  23. That's why updates are for. Flash it! Are there any info what's chaged in new version? And also you could update chipset/controller drivers too.
  24. It is connected to a RAID port on mainboard. They look the same but they are controlled by different chips. You have to identify wich one are regular and wich are RAID ports. Offen regular SATA are red colored and RAID are diffrent. Check with your mainboard manual and move the burner to a regular SATA connection.
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