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  1. If it is not related to the burn operation process using ImgBurn, your chances to get help in this part are very small. Be more speciffic how is your problem related to ImgBurn.
  2. This error generaly reffers to memory. Check your memory with Memtest86. By any chance, are you using Windows 2000?
  3. ianymaty

    Laptop or Desktop

    If you want/need mobility, to take it with you whenever you want, to do easy tasks, go with the laptop. You also gain space around with it. The writers that came with the laptops are slim lines and not so reliable in time. Otherwise get a desktop computer. It will take more space around but you can do a lot more and havy tasks with it and it is easy to modify or add a component to it. You can add whatever normal burner you want to it that is much better than slim lines. In the laptop is harder to change it and it's not even worth to change it. Alternatively in a regular computer if you know to handle a screwdriver, you do not need more to change it yourself.
  4. Why? Just to have an extra file that occupies an extra 700 MB of space on hard drive? Isn't the cue file a sort of "virtual" image file of that disc? And it use only few KB. You know you can save it for later repeted use, don't you?
  5. Welcome, Astro Did you read in the Pink bit above that tell you to read the Guides first? Try here
  6. 1. You have to do it by enabling Autorun feature on that Drive in Windows and set there to call ImgBurn when a Blank disc is inserted 2. No. How about ask for a beer and get a coke? 3. ImgBurn is a Burnig tool. You do you menu in an editing software. DVDFlick can help you. 4. 5 years??? How many times you overwrite it? Get another Finaly ImgBurn only Burns as is, no transcoding in any way.
  7. 90 minutes is OK for a single layer DVD 4,7 GB. Use DvdFlick to do the conversion and let ImgBurn to do the Burn part.
  8. Look on the motherbord if you have an available connection like those two black ones or the red one (Can be any colour)
  9. Did you try it? Obviously not! ImgBurn is a burning tool not a convertion tool. Alternatively you can mount the image in a virtual drive like Virtual Clone Drive or Daemon Tools to drag the content and make an image that way.
  10. So, tell us what was the real problem and how you solved it. Others may read this, being in a similar situation. Help them by telling the end of the story.
  11. ImgBurn is not capable of multisession, yet. Maybe sometimes...
  12. At the end of the box there is a button that fills all the other labels. Use it!
  13. Did you modify the disc content in any way like costumizing or something? Do you have the file "install.wim" properly placed in "sources" folder in the root of the disc?
  14. The easy way to erase a disc is just start burning and ImgBurn will prompt that you should erase the disc prior to burn. Hit OK and it will care the rest. The other way is: In any Mode go to Tools/Drive/Erase Disc
  15. Trere is no need to make it bootable. Perhaps you want it to autorun the .exe when you insert the disc in the drive to autostart installing. If it's the original disc purchased, than it should be prepared to autorun. Verify if you have enabled the Autorun feature on that drive. How To Enable/Disable Autorun (Windows XP) 1.Open Windows Explorer by pressing the Windows + "e" key. 2.Right-click the desired CD-ROM and select Properties from the menu. 3.Select the AutoPlay tab. 4.Select each item from the pulldown list and for the Action to perform, select "Take no action" to disable autorun, or pick the apporpriate action to take if enabling autorun. 5.Select OK. If you want to make your program installler to autostart follow this and make a Autorun.inf file with Notepad and put it in the root of CD The following is an example of a simple Autorun.inf file. It specifies Filename.exe as the startup application. The second icon represents the CD-ROM drive instead of the standard drive icon. [autorun] open=Filename.exe icon=Filename.ico
  16. Are you using the latest ImgBurn and latest translation If not, update them both. And come back with the result.
  17. Yes. True about the auto calculate. I always have it enabled. I really don't know the reason why it is not enabled by default. You sure have one. I replyed because that is what is asking: Does not mention anything else just adding the whole content of that folder to the surce. I asumed that it is the only action. If he wants more, better use Advanced Mode. Still the D+D is the easyest way to do that.
  18. If you drag & drop the folder you want, ImgBurn will ask if the folder should be visible in the root of disc or just the content of it. Just answer "Yes". All the folders and files from that folder will be added to the source window in one hit.
  19. Those missing files could be on CD2. Burn that disc too. At the finish of firs disc it should ask for second disc to continue. At least that I remember when a friend installed a Media Center Edition Windows XP...
  20. Shutdown the computer and use a paperclip or sometnig similar in thicknes and force to open by inserting it in tha little hole on the front and push gently until it pops out the tray. Edit: A little slow on me...
  21. Shouldnt be a problem to continue... I myself, got into a similar problem. I mounted an ISO and draged the content of it in Build mode, hit the Burn button to start, after few minutes mounted another ISO in the same Virtual drive so the burn stopped/paused, can't remember what it complained, but realizing that not have the correct sourse files, than I mounted back the initial ISO and hit Continue. Burn finished and Verified OK, so NO PROBLEM! ImgBurn is a great program. Thank You LUK, again, for that.
  22. If your burns goes well as you expected and verifies are OK then there is no problem Note that it is a warning message and it say "can have"... You should searched the forum first, as it is discussed already in many threads. one of them... http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtop...238&hl=SPTD
  23. I think you mix up a little bit the guides... You say you (ripped) copied using (anydvd and) ImgBurn the result was an .iso image. What did you expect? ImgBurn cant extract files from media it just creates an image according to what it is on that media, ISO/BIN whith additional mds/cue file. The iso created its just a container that stores the content, in your case IFO, BUP, VOB files You just need to start ImgBurn in WRITE mode and point to that ISO image and burn the disc. I'm kinda feeling you are in the BUILD mode and try to feed the iso... So, to cut short... 1. If you have an ISO use WRITE mode 2. If you have IFO, BUP, VOB files use BUILD mode Anyway if you want to see what it is in that ISO you can mout it in as a virtual drive with Virtual Clone Drive or Daemon Tools... And you do need a DL disc for that big file...
  24. For LightScribe issues use this diagnostic utility... This Windows utility will scan your computer and fix many common installation problems and conflicts. http://www.lightscribe.com/downloadsection...ex.aspx?id=1106
  25. I realy don't know how this codepage thing is functioning... My localization is as follows: Standards and Formats: Romanian Location: Romania Default input language: English (United States) - US with additional Romanian - Romanian (Language Bar enabled in Task Bar to switch between them) Language for non-Unicode programs: Romanian I'm using this Keyboard http://www.a4tech.com/ennew/product.asp?ci...=101&id=279 In any text editor when swithing to Romanian the Keys arround the "Enter" becomes the romanian letters "ă
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