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  1. Why don't he recommend Windows XP Gold or even Windows 98? You should allways update your OS. Updating will ensure you with the latest bug fixes and security hole patches. You can think to it like a little tunning and polish
  2. Try get your drivers from mainboard producer site not from nVidia, there should be a set of tested drivers that work.
  3. DVD Flick will end up in creating a proper DVD Video structure before creating the ISO and burn it to disc. At the bottom of the screen you can choose where DVD Flick will put the encoded DVD files. That folder can be even on a FAT partition, the file sizes that resides in it will not exceed the FAT limitation. You only need NTFS if you want the ISO to be created, but the ISO is not a must, you only need it if you want to keep the files in a container for later, rather than the DVD folder with all those .ifo. bup. .vob files If you not want the last part, the ISO and the burn, just untick them in Project Settings\Burning of DVD Flick. Your final DVD Video files will be in "DVD" folder where you set to put the encoded files. Oh! Put SP3 on Win
  4. So basicaly it's not a problem related to ImgBurn. It's your problem how you get your source files. Since there are rented movies they most probably have some copy protection form. Maybe you'll find more answers on SlySoft's forum rather than here. You can not use ImgBurn to make a working copy of that disc. It will not help you to get rid of the copy protection. Once you sorted out with the source files and they play fine fron HDD with a software player and have problem to put them on disc, comeback with a log and we try to help.
  5. There is a thread here with same problem. Try what is sugested there
  6. Now that's funny. Why did you start the thread if you not expecting answer? Anyway, your glitches may come from your player, that may use some combination of filters that not work flowless as you say it is in random places and not always there when you play it again. Or backround proceses like virus scanning, or maybe you're torrenting... The player should play it from anywhere even from network if it is fast enough.
  7. You should read this entirely. You specificaly need to use point 3.3 Build for burning any file/folder from your computer to disc. On other note, you should update WinXP to SP3.
  8. You can only burn those discs at the shown speeds at the end of the line: 3x, 4x, 6x You can try to select any speed you want the disc will be written at the closest speed allowed on that mid. That's why you get speed mismatch
  9. You can search the forum for similar errors and see for yourself that is drive related no matter what OS. Blame the manufacturer. As far as I read other posts with similar problem nothing seems to fix this kind of error. Keep in mind that things broke after a wile, nothing is eternal. So, in the end you may stuck on searching solutions that are virtualy none.
  10. Oh, never herd of it? How old is your motherboard? Here is some info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Host_Controller_Interface
  11. By any chance, it is RAID activated on those ports? It should be AHCI or SATA.
  12. They are indeed burned as you order them phisical on disc, but they will show up in explorer and played by any player only in alfanumeric order. Your only option to play it in what order you want is to number them: 001_Name.mp3 ,002_Name.mp3, 003_Name.mp3... and so on. "Name" can be what you want.
  13. There is no problem. It is a DVD+R and it is not eresable. Maybe you got fooled by the logo http://www.dvdrw.com MATSHITA have a reputation on not offering almost any firmware update support. Some say it is written in their name: MatSHITa If you don't find any update on laptop producer site, maybe you can start looking for an external drive.
  14. That is a feature that I would like it too. A simple lightscribe label editor. I did not dare to ask becouse it is more related to cover design, but if it gets implemented is definetly a + and I never stuck to instal Ner0 Cover Designer, that is all I ever install from them.
  15. If you are ok on opening the case move the connection on SATA ports. Usualy RAID ports are a diffrent color than simple SATA and controlled by another controller. If not, reboot the computer and enter in Setup BIOS mode by hiting Del or F2 key after the beep, depends on BIOS manufacturer. Try to find Controller mode or something called RAID, if you dont use any RAID on HDD change it to AHCI or SATA. If you have an HDD connected to SATA ports and have a single setting don't put it on AHCI becouse it won't boot in your case. Hope you manage to do it.
  16. Did you verify for an BIOS update on motherboard site?
  17. Something is going on with your connection, did you accidentaly disconnected/pushed the USB cable? Apart of this you should disable RAID on those ports or move thenm to non-RAID ports. Optical drives not always play nice with RAID
  18. Try update your chipset/storage drivers and do a lens cleaning
  19. You have a drive that's not even show corectly his name. It should be "MATSHITA BD-CMB UJ-120". Probably a firmware problem. As i think it is in a laptop drive, try a firmware update on producer site. And you should follow what mmalves said
  20. You can also update ImgBurn to current version:
  21. Update the firmware from here and try again
  22. Try to update the firmware from here Try cleaning your drive. Try the other speeds available 4x 8x and othe brand of disc
  23. You don't have to throw the whole computer... The last firwmare update is way back in 4th May, 2006 and that is already installed in your drive. If the Verbatim DL 2,4x don't work, you should start looking for a new burner, 'couse your is way old.
  24. Oh, did you try to switch the connections to connect the bad drive to that port where the other drive works? Try the drive in another computer if you can...
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