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  1. Buy Dual Layer DVD's. You preserve original quality and save the time needed to shrink.
  2. Next time to save you from trouble, make the correct settings in DVDFlick by puting the media target to a DVD5 - 4,7GB that will asure you not have to shrink it to fit DVD5
  3. DVDShrink automaticaly strips out the DTS stream by defaut. If the DTS was the only audio stream or was the first stream, that will leave you no audio on direct play. Try changing the audio stream to 2nd or 3rd stream. If not, try Shrink again and pay attention to wat is selected to retain.
  4. If you think like, "time = money", you can get a player that supports both standards PAL/NTSC very cheep this days.
  5. It may gain a little bit at creating Audio CD, at decoding phase, but not the write phase. So, no real advantage vs the time costs with creating/testing 64bit version.
  6. 1. Go to DVDFlick's Project settings > Burning and untick "Create ISO image" and "Burn project to disc". You will end up with AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders in Project Folder. Then use this Guide 2. Don't know much about DVD+RW, I don't use it. Guess that is not correctly formatted. I remember mmalves said: 3. You only need to select TV format in DVDFlick according to your player read capability specifications. The newest ones support both PAL/NTSC. DVDFlick does the conversion part, ImgBurn will do the burn part.
  7. Normaly bios updates for player units come in .bin/.cue format, maybe .iso. Use Write mode in ImgBurn to to the job.
  8. 1. Let DVDFlick do his job and set target to a HDD Folder, not to ImgBurn. Than use ImgBurn in Build mode 2. DVD+RW needs initial formatting not erasing 3. ImgBurn not processing/altering anything, it just burns what you give to him in that form
  9. A Happy New Year to everyone! Be the 2010 year better than the past year and worse than that what it comes after it!
  10. So, the Audio CD - Default To WAV File setting will extract the whole disc to a single big file with all content, mmmalves? I did not use that and don't know. Even it is like that, I think it's ok, since the OP want to burn that audio disc and don't know how.
  11. Try to mount that ISO in a virtual drive and extract/copy the files with ImgBurn as .wav files and than use the .wav files as source for your disc. Use Write mode and create a .cue file and burn the disc.
  12. Use the Build mode and drag VIDEO_TS folder, you don't need the AUDIO_TS, it will be created automatically by ImgBurn anyway
  13. ImgBurn is not able to copy protected discs, nor it is claims it will. It's your problem how you make your source files. ImgBurn will write to disc anything you feed it in that form, no transcoding or modify anything. So what you put in is what you get out.
  14. ImgBurn is a burning tool, not decompressor. For decompressing it will have to call another program to do the job by a plugin or something. I don't think LUK will gonna do that. We just arguing in comments but LUK said numerous times that ImgBurn is a burning tool and not gonna change the purpose of the tool to suit everybody's like. He just want, like most of us, a simple and reliable burning tool not a 100 function "Swiss Knife" tool.
  15. Yes, I complicated things more, just to show that the idea is not quite so good. Good image + good compression + good (realtime) decompression + good burn & verify OK, (not calculating the media) = the IDEAL RESULT what is wished, but if just one of the variables fail, the result will be coaster. Now, try to find the culprit for the bad result. It's just time and nerves consuming... Let's keep it simple...
  16. You are right mmalves, but if the drive has no support? The buffer from program is for limited time/few MB. But yeah, now in modern drives the BURN-Proof is now a standard feature.
  17. See?! People sometimes like to complicate things were they shouldn't. A damaged image in a damaged archive... Forget about it...
  18. Note that the "buffer underrun protection" is from youre drive, not from the burning program. Sure, ImgBurn has done his job wery well and always will when you have the optimal drive/firmware/media. Keep on!
  19. No offence! If an archive is damaged? How about that?
  20. At the time they produced the compilation, 28 october 2009, they used an year and a half old version of the program. And the Publisher: n/a Weird
  21. Sounds like comunication problem. Can you try to replace/change data cable with a new one? You could try that drive in another computer if you have, or at a friend...
  22. When you install, VCD try to install a virtual SCSI/RAID controller driver. Obviously that is giving you the problem. Could be a conflict between what you have installed on motherboard controller and the virtual controller. Try to update the motherboard BIOS, Chipset, and the update to SP3 is the way to go... ...see, if you posted a log, we can told you earlier to update SP3...
  23. Aparently, according to this http://resources.jvc.com/Resources/00/01/15/LVT2016-001B.pdf the player support the jpeg format CD Did the burn verified OK? Post the log.
  24. Hi, and welcome gem! Ask them on their forum! This is ImgBurn Forum. If your DVD Player support jpeg to be played, ImgBurn can easily burn those to you.
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