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  1. Did you let it all alone and nothing happened? I'm running out of options... You're on your own now.
  2. By media code that is written in the log: Disc ID: YUDEN000-T02-00 If you have searched the forum or Google you have found it by yourself. Look here.
  3. Every modern drive is boot capable. In new BIOS versions there are two settings that you can change: Boot order and Boot priority. Maybe there lays your problem. You could try this: Eliminate all HDDs and CD/DVD drives that you have connected to mainboard leaving just the one you want. Set the boot priority and boot order to see that drive as first and only one boot source and than and try boot from it. Make sure you have a bootable CD/DVD disc.
  4. Read this http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=8000
  5. The burning speed are set the same on internal like on external? Maybe update controller drivers wuould help.
  6. That's becouse DVDFlick comes with its own ImgBurn bundled. Save the finished files as VIDEO_TS folder first, not direct burn. In this way you can make what Cynthia sugested with your problem. Use Bild mode to make the final disc.
  7. You have run it As Administrator, did you? Also, did you read the info on the site where it says... If it is in an OEM computer try on their site, maybe they also provide one.
  8. Your media is actually 8x rated but your drive can only burn them at 2,4x; 4x Your drive is old and you use new media. Try the latest firmware upgrade of the burner See here Also you could try cleaning the lens with a lens cleaning disc. Or buy media rated 2,4x; 4x.
  9. You see, not only the media is the problem. It's a combination of things like what media in what burner with what firmware and maybe other like chipset drivers correctly installed working all together. Now, from the many firmware updates it has, seems it is a burner with problems, and now it is geting old, latest update beeing 1st August, 2008. If you can, try it in another computer see how it is performing. Other than that, invest in a new one.
  10. What is the real problem? If you think to the See the end of the line... don't bother, the only speed it can burn is 4x regarding of what u select. Since there is no official firmware update, if feel confortable you can crossflash it to GSA-H55L 1.06 Beware that it will void the warranty!
  11. Update to latest Firmware Do a lens cleaning, try other burning speeds supported, use decent media like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden
  12. ImgBurn does not copy (rip) anything that has a form of encryption that prevents the copy action of a copyrighted material and it will not try to circumvert them. It's your problem how you get your source files. Google it, here you will get no help. Once you have sorted the problem and have your files on hard drive, try playing them with a software player. Now, follow this Guide to put it on disc with ImgBurn. If you have problems regarding the burn session, post a log of that burn.
  13. Try with a new data cable. If it is PATA use a short 80 pins ribbon, not a round one cable. And don't mess up the bios settings. Put them on default and change only what you are sure and safe to change.
  14. You can make it Bootable again. Read this and do the work for make it. How to make Vista Bootable Sure, you can use ImgBurn to burn the ISO to disc, in place of what is sugested there.
  15. When I said that I was reffering to one of the ISO's downloaded from MSDN, not what you created. I doubt that none of them are Bootable.
  16. Most recommendation I see on the forum are for the Optiarc burners Also, a good thing is to browse the General\Drive section of the Forum to see some tests how the drives performe on different media at different speeds
  17. Since newest firmware is from 2005 the burner is kind of old now... I think you should follow mmalves advice and look for a new burner
  18. OP said it comes at the final stage of DVDFlick when calling ImgBurn to do the burn.
  19. Most probably the ISO's are Bootable and the problem is in VM settings. To see if it is Bootable, just load the ISO to ImgBurn in Write mode and look at File Sys: It should say: ISO9660 (Bootable) if it is.
  20. DVDFlick comes with its own ImgBurn and it is an old version. Set the target in DVDFlick settings to DVD Folder not to Drive. Burn the result with the newest ImgBurn If the problem persist come back with a log of that burn.
  21. The log is fine. Seems you have the latest firmware already installed for the Philips. According to this. Sure is kinda old now, but... You could try a cleaning disc on the player. Or try other brand of discs. Other burned or pressed original disc plays fine on external player?
  22. You still not did what you quoted... Hint: Post a log of that burn. Look in ImgBurn Help menu for previous burn logs.
  23. Did the disc actualy play in the console? From what I read, its content is not recognized by Windows or any OS only by the console. So if it burnt/verified OK, ImgBurn has done his job.
  24. Optical drives don't play nice with RAID. Move it to a native SATA or disable RAID on that connection.
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