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  1. No, you not have to avoid Panasonic or any other big company. They do that trying to be honest on the market and stay away from the gray side. U have to addmit that alot of audio/video computer type files are some sort of rips from original copyrighted material. The big companies first avoid the law infringement by not adding support to those files, while the little companies gain profit from this delay and make boxes that support virtualy any kind of files. Eventualy they add support for files when they see that little companies make profit while they loose and the law not punish them for adding support to any kind of files. And yes, the NAME makes the price even if the product is less versatile. Next time probably you will do a research before buying some product with a NAME on it. Good Luck!
  2. What is written in the Status? Post what you see in the Log. Or provide a screenshot.
  3. Update your Firmware from here to 1.03. Currently you have 1.01 installed Remove any disc from the drive and close the tray. Reboot after installation and try again.
  4. Read this Tutorial about DVD recordable formats. Read this Info about Photo CD and Picture CD A CD containing pictures or photos in .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .tiff or ather formats is just a simple Data disc with those files on it. From what you provided it seams that it will play just some standard disc like DVD Video, DVD Audio, Video CD, Audio CD. It is not mentioned about any file format like .avi, .mkv, .vmw, .vma, .mpg, .mp3, .jpeg and many other file formats that can be on the discs (DVD-R, +R, -R DL, -RW, +R, +R DL, +RW) that it can read/play. Also it may support the files only on CD. So try with a CD not with DVD.
  5. The source files are playing nice on computer? Did you verify your burns? Post a log. The disc is in good condition, not scratched? DVD-RW's are known for problems after extensive use. Use a DVD-R. Try a Full erase and a lens cleaning.
  6. This Guide will show you how to convert the files. Usualy DVDFlick will burn the disc at the end if it finds a blank disc in the drive and you did not changed the default settings. Current version of DVDFlick comes bundled with its own ImgBurn wich is an older version. I would recommend to do the conversion with DVDFlick and save as Video_Ts Folder instead of letting it burn the disc at the end. Verify the result with a software player on your computer and if you are satisfied with the result, use latest the ImgBurn to put it on disc. Use this Guide to burn Video_TS (.ifo, .bup, .vob files) to disc Yes, vsoConvertXtoDVD is same as ConvertXtoDVD and is not free, DVDFlick is free...
  7. As Cynthia said you can kill the auto play function in ImgBurn settings or you can tweak the auto play in Windows settings. Follow this gude
  8. Sometimes is so easy that you not even think that it could be so easy
  9. After you set your Homepage at your desire, put this in Notepad Save it as LockHomePage.reg in a place easy to find. Rightclick on it and select Merge. Nothing will ever change your Homepage until you decide to Unlock it with this UnlockHomePage.reg And don't be so , you'll get wrinkles.
  10. You are worried about how long a SSD drive will last? Here what it say... "We assume perfect wear leveling which means we need to fill the disk 2 million times to get to the write endurance limit. 2 million (write endurance) x 64G (capacity) divided by 80M bytes / sec gives the endurance limited life in seconds. That's a meaningless number - which needs to be divided by seconds in an hour, hours in a day etc etc to give... The end result is 51 years!" Source: http://www.storagesearch.com/ssdmyths-endurance.html There are more info regarding durability of SSD drives, just search and reed more articles about it.
  11. It's Freeware for personal home use, only for Pro/Techician version you have to pay for the extra options. Download from Official site http://www.gtopala.com/ where not comes bundled with crap.
  12. Run the Installer of ImgBurn as Administrator let SPTI enabled
  13. Update your burner's firmware to 1.05, for now you have 1.02 installed. Look here for the newer. Try again with those discs.
  14. Did the program show you that can burn at 24x on that media? If it not showing that speed available even if you select 24x it will be burnt at closest speed available, that could be even under 16x that is shown on the media, if that media is not well supported in the burners firmware.
  15. Don't think that a lower speed will get you a better burn. Maybe this was in the past, but now modern drives are better tuned to burn at higer speeds. Why do you think they produce burners and media to write at high speeds that are available today? Just to wait an hour to burn a DVD, when you could do it in 10 minutes? Think about it! Just give a last try with other speeds available. If that will result in coasters you should replace your faulty drive.
  16. Don't be so certain, till you verify to be sure. Look here, there is V 1.02 you have V 1.01 ImgBurn is able tell you the actual installed version and to check for newer version at this site To verify, go to Tools > Drive > Check for Firmware Updates in any Mode where you have acces to the Drive.
  17. Try the other speeds available 6x, 8x,... Try not using the computer for other heavy tasks like downloding or compression in the same time with the burn?
  18. As LUK! stated in this thread, DVD Audio is not officialy supported in current release. It will be supported in the next release. Sure, you have to have the files correctly formated as DVD Audio prior to burn, like in the DVD Video case, ImgBurn will do just the burning part and will not do any conversion.
  19. You have to convert your avi files to DVD Video stucture .IFO, .BUP, .VOB files using DVD Flick or similar conversion tool and burn the result to DVD
  20. Reinstall ImgBurn (Run as Administrator) and tick the last box If ask to preserve previous settings answer NO! Oh! You do use the latest install build, yeah?
  21. You say it actualy delete files and folders that you burnt in Buld mode (this is not posible) or it is deleting the image after Burn? Post a log, please.
  22. If you replace your hard drive, before you dispose it, try this tool http://hddguru.com/content/en/software/2006.04.12-HDD-Low-Level-Format-Tool/, maybe you revitalize it.
  23. You know, americans say: Time is $$$. Everyone is free to do his own way...
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