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  1. When we were testing the PgcEdit burn function, we came ot the exact same conclusion about -R DLs. They don't have a fixed # of sectors or something. We concluded that -Rs were just a troublesome format. Stick to +Rs and set the booktype to DVD_ROM.



  2. Firey made me AND copy all 5 bloody Rockys. I used to live in Philly, so I know the places in the movies.


    I spose they were decent flix in their day, but Fitrey is just a nut abut them.



  3. Firey came home from the wedding yesterday and is now at Uni making a presentation of her assignment, which, surprisingly, I spent more time on than her!



  4. What error message does DVD Shrink give you? perhaps this is best taken there. I did a huge thread about a month or so back with a guy who did just this project. Got some trailers from dvdloc8.com but some had bad navpacks. Needed demuxing and remuxing (with muxman) to fix up the navpacks before they would all load.


    The problem trailers from memory were DD Train, DD Rain and THX Cimarron.



  5. Thanks for that LUK! - apologies for getting it arse over. Just that in the old prog, it wrote to a registry setting ISOWRITE_LayerBreakSectors, which held the number till the next time.


    It does seem that the poster has a problem with IB suggesting different sector numbers for the LB than PgcEdit, which may be because of one or both of positioning the LB on a 32K ECC boundary (padding accordingly) and 32K IFO/BUP spacing.



  6. No, there's not. There is no need to completely fill layer 0, in fact it is quite desirable not to (edge of disk vulnerability and all that). Thus, you will see a "ring" at the end of the data. Layer 1 then writes back towards the middle.


    The key is, does it play OK?


    And is there any need to bump after 1 minute???



  7. If you create your image with PgcEdit, it will create the image with the correct LB info and call IB to burn. There is no need to reset the LB and in fact doing so may result in a coaster, especially if you have "Leave 32k space between IFO and BUP" option on in PgcEdit.



  8. Oooh that CC! Good with coke. Now after a few of those, someone can spam everyone on the pm list with just 1 message =))


    Don't give Kirk any ideas. He might PM a song to everyone. :w00t: Just kidding you Kirk.


    Here is another great reason why, on relection, posts should be deleted. God help us all if he reads it!



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