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  1. Under an hour???? Wow - even on CCE one pass, that is fast.


    I encode overnight - takes about 4-6 hours with Procoder 2.


    And KSN, the quality shits on DVD Shrink or DVD95Copy or anything. It encodes each frame from scratch, as opposed to DVD Shrink which adjusts the quant settings, often creating visible macroblocks. See the interesting tests done by UncasMS in Digital Digest's DVDRB forum.


    It is especially good on low bitrate stuff, where any transcoder falters badly. So, my advice is to get it. Use it first with HCEnc (free, but similar quality to CCE). Then, if you like what you see, go to the top encoders.


    DVDRB has a freebie version as well as Pro. Pro allows lots of cool things like setting bitrates for each cell, and particular quant matrices for each cell.


    And yes, the $10 initial VIP period has run out. $30 now.



  2. Speaking of which...


    A song from Santa's Little Helpers (the real ones, not the mangy mutt on The Simmos)


    (To the tune of Jingle Bells)


    Ho ho fucking ho

    What a crocka shit

    We all work for Santa Clause

    We've had enuff, we quit


    We do all the fuckin work

    While he steals all the show

    So stick yer Christmas up yer arse

    Ho ho fucking ho




  3. Hi Zac mate.


    The only data disks I make are backups which I do 2 ways:


    1. I use DVDRAM on a daily basis for my changed files for the day

    2. I use POSBackitup weekly, which despite my firmware being up to date, seems to burn at only 2.4x instead of 4x.



  4. I get the feeling the LUK is in-capable if even implementing this feature when taking all the ppl against this folder burning suggestion in to account.
    You'll get nowhere (and make no friends here) with words like that. :thumbdown::death:


    Sounds like you are making lots of copies of whatever you've got to distribute. Perhaps a commercial duplicator is better for you.



  5. No clink. I simply respect the fact that this forum has to do with burning images and perhaps editing DVDs beforehand. I have resisted mentioning anything to do with programs which may put Lightning UK! at risk and will not wittingly even mention those programs.



  6. dirio - to create an ISO for a DVD-5 takes 5 minutes tops.


    And of course you can edit to your heart's content beforehand.


    So, 5 minutes of ISO creation or risk making a coaster with Nero/Roxio etc. (which takes say 15 minutes).


    Anyways, if you don't like making ISOs, use Nero. No-one's forcing you to use ImgBurn man.



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