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  1. I think?


    Yes, it was a cow of the last coupla days - little sleep and just more work coming on.


    I honestly can't remember what the hell I was gunna say at that time - probably something like Firey has 3 more hours of sleep left....the bitch!



  2. @l8nights - never used RBLoader. My main wish is for an RBKeeper style addon to the prog. I think jdobbs is doing something for 1.10 to keep certain segments at 100% (bypassing them entirely, thereby gaining speed and quality) and then use RBOpt for the rest.


    This is where Procoder 2 comes in real handy as it is superb at low BR stuff. As for the high BR stuff, I tend to use the FHE matrix in RME.



  3. In fact, should we add something to FAQ on the board about the semaphore time out? Why it happens, what causes it, that it can't be fixed by software in most cases, and a list of know, good, working chip sets/enclosure manufacturers so people will know a good enclosure to go out and get?
    Bloody good idea, IMHO.



  4. I've done quite a bit of testing on HC since UncasMS told me about it (still use Procoder 2 myself) and it is bloody good. And yes, it's a bit slower - maybe up to an hour would be my guess. But the quality is excellent and as you say, you can't beat the price! Anyway, as for timing, what's it matter when you're asleep?


    I would never use CCE. I reckon it's only good for Low BR stuff and you can always use Rockas Matrix Editor to use its matrices for that anyway.


    Nice of jdobbs to offer freebies.


    l8er :)



  5. A personal gift from a poor deposed president in Central Africa who is legitimately entitled to a gazillion bucks if only you'd give him $100,000 to get him started. =)) =))



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