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  1. Check your DMA, link in my sig. Your choice of media isn't good, we only suggest Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden.
  2. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=5555 If you tick the box that reads "add to write queue when done", all you have to do is switch your mode over to write and your compilation will be there.....nothing to add/choose in other words.
  3. Guess I'll have to think about reinstalling it then
  4. It works the same in build mode too....nothing actually happens until you start your project.
  5. This will only work with Windows 7?

    AD-5200 & AD-7200

    Looks like you are getting plenty of support there too http://club.cdfreaks.com/f86/ad-5200-ad-7200-a-263574/ I don't think the 5200 is a rebadged Lite-On or L&D wouldn't be supplying modified firmware for it ~ http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/page/en/Optiarc-AD-5200A/ I don't remember the 5200 getting much praise in it's hay day, but the 7200 has recieved a lot of attention as you can see. Also the 7200 are getting hard to find in the states at the usual spots and I would look for them to be hard to find world over soon. I'm surprised the 5200's can still be found. I personally wouldn't get anything less than a 7200, but that is just my opinion. Same hardware as seen below : 5200 7200
  7. It's rare to see Matshita drives working at all. If that is all you are doing, then Imgburn is all you need.
  8. Multisession isn't supported at this time. Also if you need lightscribe capabilities you'll need another software set.
  9. Does the eject button in Imgburn not work?
  10. Spinner is right on...your burner/firmware/media combo won't allow burning at 1X. Why would you want to burn that slow anyway?
  11. Not that I have an issue with region coding I think this isn't a bad idea.
  12. Ouch! Was that a slap on the wrist lol? Hmm, sounds like there is indeed a newer version in the works Always
  13. Shucks....looks like it's run its course then
  14. +1 to Vovlo's advice. I'd also add that Verbatim are another top notch brand and very consistent as well. I also noticed Volvo's new spell checker is working quite nicely
  15. The burner is getting a bit of age on it....this just happens.

    AD-5200 & AD-7200

    The 7200 is an excellent drive.
  17. You might look for a firmware update for your drive, good luck with that. But honestly I would look for another drive as the Matshita drives are notoriously bad.
  18. You are more than welcome....happy burning
  19. A log will give us a lot more information to help you. They can be found at Imgburn/help/Imgburn logs
  20. I forgot to mention that it works just fine for me.
  21. DVD Rebuilder should handle it nicely... Take your pick...I post again ~ http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=1780 You are choosing the MDS file to burn from, which you should, and it (should) contains the proper layer break information. This is the first we've heard about XBOX issues....you have to set the layer break at 1913760 or you are pissing in the wind and wasting a disc regarding Xbox. Movies you can use the preview to select the best layer break position so that you don't get a 'jump' in a action sequence or whot not. There is no magic number for movies. Yes Yes
  22. Post a log... Did you use the queue sheet that you created to burn from?
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