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  1. If you created the ISO using DVD shrinks output to ISO function then you will need to re-encode/ reauthor etc and get dvdshrink to instead output to VIDEO_TS... hard disk folder. Otherwise as Cynthia pointed out the layerbreak will not be right in the ISO created by dvdshrink
  2. default is spti and I use program defaults for buffer I have 4096 ram in 32bit mode this was using usb this below was using internal ATA
  3. Have you checked your hard disk for errors . Defragged it. Stopped any service that tags the hard drive eg indexing, locate 32, windows search etc. Virus scanning schedules. Checked which sata port is in use for Optical drive. AHCI or IDE in Bios for sata devices ?) Set a power profile to always use full power of cpu. Stopped or removed Duplex secures SPTD.
  4. You can save project true but if the pc didn't crashed i wouldn't need the saved project Which is why before you press burn you should save your project. Would you if writing a best selling novel open word start typing and hope your PC never crashed or glitched? No you would save your work at regular intervals. Unless of course you like the danger :lol
  5. You have used 2.4x write speed in both logs. Did you try the 4x write speed? I though i did burn at 4x also, ill try again with 4x... thx for the heads up! It didnt work at 4x also, same error... so im going to change my question, hope it can be answered.... Only once i managed to burn one with these DVD+R DL the same that im attempting to burn now, but with a different image. So... from what i understood of all of this the error occurs when its time to change layers and continue writing so it seems the DVD is the problem because of its low quality, so im starting to think that if i keep on trying to burn these DVDs i will sooner or later get to one that works. In other words, if i keep trying to burn the same brand of DVD i might get lucky and one of them will work. I ask these because i still have a bunch of DVDs to spare! Thanks for all the help u guys/girls are providing! With that strategy you might as well just bin them all now and save wear n tear on your hardware. Get some Verbatims if those fail buy a new writer if that fails reinstall with no drivers
  6. Optiarc AD-7240S firmware --> v1.03 (15th October, 2009) not bad at all,,,, L&d firmware for mine now @ 103bt_rpc1
  7. Check for a new firmware for the drive, change disc's* brand to another like verbatim or Taiyo Yuden a different dye like tyg02 or tyg03, mcc, maybe see how you have drive connected (check sata cable)/ ide cable, look at your chipset drivers that handle the /storage controllers. I normally just use the built in windows ones to set udma mode/ channels etc check your filter drivers. Run a CD lens cleaner through drive.
  8. Me ..I would try and find a New Pioneer 111, 112, 115, 116* If at all possible. Slim but you never know I don't like my optiarc 7240s for 360 using Verbs MKM-000-01 been awhile and there might now be a new firmware(there will have been a few surely) which improve writing as mine is from march 2009 and probably still using the initial firmware
  9. Happy Birthday Happy Thanksgiving Merry Christmas Happy New Year Hope you had fun though.
  10. Have you emailed RICOH and asked them about this error or maybe Try LG . You could also email Ubisoft and see what they say. Or you could choose the simplest way to try and fix your problem. Buy some Verbatim 2.4x MKM-001-00 and hope your dvd writer is still working to write to the disc. The trouble is you may have had all your Ricoh work so far, their media is very inconsistent to many many users though. You may not have seen it before but now it's either your time to witness this or the drive you are using is at fault or maybe you have messed up your systems IDE/SATA drivers / filter drivers etc. So try verbs @2.4x then @ 8x if still the same buy yourself a new dvd writer and use the rest of your Verbs or try you Ricoh again
  11. When you say not playable. In what ? dvd player in house or computer as well. Can you extract the iso with winrar/ 7zip to see folder structure
  12. You are at least going to have to supply a log of what you attempted.
  13. Stay clear of SX07. Especially as SD05 from dell is newer and better* Drive is normal to start at 2x like so many other slimline drives just par for the course.
  14. MIS MKM-001-00 ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL used with lint free cloth and clean lens (or buy a cd cleaner) also buy some Verbatim Made In Singapore MKM-001-00 2.4x disc's and burn them @2.4 if possible Maybe get some cotton buds if you happen to buy anything other than Verbatim Dl Media
  15. They really should not be using a computer if they cannot work it out or even bother to learn.
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