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  1. can you post an imgburn log please. are you sure you have a dvd burner and not a combo drive?
  2. they are international mate, but some places in the world refer to them as a chilly bin
  3. i know what that is now
  4. i want that one watch Little Britain kev
  5. you should see it writing it in the log both before verify and after, like below I 21:24:49 Exporting Graph Data... I 21:24:49 Graph Data File: C:\ibg\_NEC_DVD_RW_ND-3550A_1.05_16-FEBRUAR-2006_21-14_TYG02_8x.ibg I 21:25:09 Verifying Sectors... I 21:30:19 Exporting Graph Data... I 21:30:19 Graph Data File: C:\ibg\_NEC_DVD_RW_ND-3550A_1.05_16-FEBRUAR-2006_21-14_TYG02_8x.ibg
  6. Have you got dvd info pro installed? http://www.speedlabs.org/index.php?page=dvd_info_pro my windows is not english either but i have no problems. you can set the graph to save automatically in 'settings' so even if the programme closes you keep the file on your hard disc
  7. its the errors, look at the bottom , the peak was 474 if you want to see the write speed , you need to save the graph when you burn the disc, you can change that in the settings within the gui and then you can see it in dvd info pro at any time
  8. i beg to differ, its not even corny
  9. the 12x you are looking at is the read speed (the red line in the graph). you should be looking at the left hand side where the figure is showing mid to high 300's
  10. cornholio7


    you could buy some better discs, i've never even seen any with that mid and with a supported speed of 2.4x, i wouldn't be too hopeful. did you choose 2x as the burn speed ? because its not a supported speed
  11. hi black widow nice to see you again
  12. cornholio7

    BenQ 1650/5

  13. LOL have you been reading post #21 kev?
  14. cornholio7

    BenQ 1650/5

    ☺?○♂♀♪↕‼?↑↓∟↔▲▼ !"#????
  15. cornholio7

    BenQ 1650/5

    i just installed the firmware from the link and it seems to be ok here, i will be doing a test burn soon
  16. cornholio7

    BenQ 1650/5

    thanks grain - i am getting one of the 1655's tomorrow
  17. or this one http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtop...6175entry6175 that shamus made
  18. i think thats a re-brand in a fujitsu-siemens, i dont believe there are many firmware updates for them . as LUK said, try Verbatim , they work in my 3500
  19. cornholio7

    nec 4570

    if i burn more than 8x i get that spike no matter what media
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