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  1. done 4 with 2 burners - p.o.p.
  2. something is dodgy here , TYG02 discs are -R
  3. cornholio7

    Happy Xmas

    verbs are top notch these days , especially from svp mate
  4. try updating your firmware and see if it helps. http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?download_id=1934 you want BSOS
  5. tools ->settings->write and check auto export graph data make a custom folder if you want to under graph data->default folder
  6. i have 2x 250gb maxtors in raid 0 - no probs here i also have a 160gb maxtor , no probs either (oh and 2 x 80gb maxtors in raid 0 too)
  7. try asking about it at http://forum.digital-digest.com
  8. press on the letter E under your drive on the gui
  9. tell us the model of the burner or post a log and we can help you.
  10. gracias que soy seguro que la LIGHTNING_UK! apreciar? sus comentarios
  11. no problems with sp2 and would only recommend installing it. service packs are meant to be installed for your own safety
  12. take the / away from the first [ ] box so it reads
  13. its a burning programme use another programme to do what you are trying to do google is your friend
  14. just press ctrl-I (when you have shrink running of course)
  15. cornholio7


    me too- tried the others and i like ie best- each to his own
  16. cornholio7


    take a look here http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?s=&show...=findpost&p=967
  17. thanks for the info kevdriver
  18. why not navigate to the folder using 'add' then hold 'Ctrl' down and click on the iso's you want?
  19. kev, why has that girl got 3 .......breasts
  20. most of the beta team use taiyo yuden, i myself use yudens and verbatim and up until recently ritek g05. over the last few months the quality of them has deteriorated drastically in europe , so much so that i will not be using them. i have made quality scans on every batch i have recieved over the last year and i can see the deterioration, whereas the other discs i use stay good.
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