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  1. same here , 2 year old riteks play just fine here too
  2. if you mount the iso in daemon tools can you view the film using power dvd or mpc?
  3. cornholio7

    Mc Download!!

  4. or try uninstalling real player, this has been known to disable the auto start
  5. for d/l the .mds contains the layer break info , but i dont think it works for -r d/l
  6. when you burned using +r discs , did you choose the .mds file or the .iso file?
  7. cornholio7


    see shamus's post above yours
  8. how old are your hard discs and how defragmented are they?
  9. the yudens look like this . the one on the left copy and original
  10. good idea, they cost next to nothing nowdays
  11. what a crappy birthday mate
  12. image tool CLASSIC makes an iso which you save to your hard disc . if you have the latest version , you can set it up to burn with imgburn. check image tools programme settings
  13. imgburn burns images. the information you seek about ripping can be found in numerous places , here are 2 http://www.doom9.org/ www.digital-digest.com
  14. http://www.coujo.de/ try imgtool classic from the link above
  15. have you made an iso for your vdv-r?
  16. did you set the burn speed to 4x or max?
  17. i know the burn speed sampling rate is a lot quicker now so it could be because of this
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