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  1. Post your log (See ImgBurn's help menu). It is probably cos the drive does not support 1x burning with the media you have. Regards
  2. Use build mode, as you would for any other file. See the guides. But, what program generated this file? Regards
  3. You forgot to read the bit in pink at the top, Dude. Or click on "Still having trouble", in my signature. Regards
  4. NP. I guess we don't see too many questions like that posed by the OP anyway. Regards
  5. Maybe the message should read "You seem to want to burn a disc encoded with the DivX or Xvid codec"? Just a thought. Regards
  6. You ain't the only one that has been scammed by those bloodsucking bastards. I hope you get your dough back and send it to the right person who deserves it - LUK. You can find a way to donate button on the program's Help menu. Or click here. Regards
  7. m2ts is hardly funky - it is the MPEG2 stream used by bluray discs!!!! Regards
  8. It wouldn't matter if he was using a drive made by God himself, it wouldn't work. There are no decryption routines in ImgBurn and never will be. Regards
  9. Just drag the folder containing the project (and other DVD_ROM folders) into the drop zone. Regards
  10. Another "me focussed" new member who has contributed nothing. Spare us, puh-leeeze. Regards
  11. By the way - remember to click the link below before posting. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?act=Search&f=8 Regards
  12. In read and build mode, change Create MDS file to "Auto". Regards
  13. Or read post 2!!!! Which works brilliantly. Regards
  14. You could consider reading the guides!!!! Regards
  15. Gee, I like the ones in post 22. Regards
  16. So far, I have yet to hear of a player that won't play a SLB. And the existence of "superbit DVDs" which had SLB on them seems to indicate that SLB is a very safe option. Regards
  17. They are made by a number of manufacturers to Verbatim's standards and the Verbatim dye. However, the Indian ones are not seen to be as good - get the ones made in Singapore. Regards
  18. I'm going to sound like a wet blanket again (what does a wet blanket sound like, anyway?) but IMO, those are a definite step backward. I like the colours in the current version. Regards
  19. See http://www.dvdshrink.info/compilation.php to make a compilation DVD from a number of small DVD projects. And get rid of the Riteks and change to Verbatims or Taiyo Yudens. Regards
  20. Try to make it look like your current avatar. Regards
  21. Yes, you can delete unwanted angles if you wish. Do it in PgcEdit (double click on the movie PGC and click Del Angles down the bottom - see the help file) and clean up in VobBlanker after only 1 angle remains (angles take heaps of space). Be sure to pick the correct angle to keep! You can view the various angle cells by clicking the |> at the right of each cell. Sometimes, they correspond to things in different languages. Usually, angle 1 is the one to keep but check out the others, too. Or, also in PgcEdit, you can try to manoeuvre the VTSs around so the VTS with the angles isn't right at the layer break. From the menu: DVD --> Remap titlesets. Again, read the help file for details. Regards
  22. Gee, IMHO, they are not nearly as good as the current one, which suggests burning media and not just "something to do with optical media". I really like the current icons. Regards
  23. CHeck here for digital FAQ's media quality page. Mitsubishi=Verbatims= good. Smartbuy=Prodisc=OK, but not as good Regards
  24. Give it another day or so and 2.4.4 will be on the streets (we hope). Regards
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