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  1. Can I lend my support to burning this type of file please? I know its not an ISO image - it doesn't seem to have a file system associated with it at all, just the data (which is usually compressed, but doesn't have to be).


    Just a request/suggestion.



  2. Sorry to revive an old thread, but I'm having trouble on this all of a sudden, too.


    My registry for .ISO

    Default - REG_SZ - ImgBurn.Write.1


    Now, in folder options, I try to change the icon and browse to ImgBurn.exe and it tells me the file has no icons!


    Stumped here.



    EDIT: Forget about it - somehow it found the icon and all is OK. Weird.



  3. @Utter Bastard


    If find Ner0BackitUp to be adequate in compling the backups. I just don't want Ner0 to burn the bugger - I value my data too much =))


    So, what I have done now, is basically created 2 Ner0 project files - 1 just for my outlook data, the other for all the other folders I want backed up weekly. I output them to NRG - even Ner0 can't fuck up writing to a hard drive image I figure. :)


    These then get burned by ImgBurn.


    What I'd like is to be able to do this in one job with ImgBurn finding where to split it into 2 (or more, if necessary) DVDs.


    Thanks for the help.



  4. Thanks Shamus - we might get up there a little later on and hopefully we can throw a few more down mate.


    @LUK! I have used Ner0 and it makes an NRG image, which of course is now associated with ImgBurn :)


    Due to the fact that I added some files to my backup compilation, it has gone from about 4Gb to 5Gb.


    What I have done in the meantime, is split off my ginormous Outlook Data file (800Mb) into its own compile.


    But a split would be nice.



  5. I have a backup prog which I use weekly. The data backed up is about 5Gb.


    Now, like all backup progs, the prog writes to 2 DVDRWs, stopping automatically when disk 1 is full and asking for disk 2 to be inserted.


    What I'd like to do is use ImgBurn to burn an image of the backup data.


    Can I do this automatically, or do I have to program 2 backup jobs, each less than 4.37Gb?



  6. Thanks for the response LUK! but these are not brand new DVDs.


    Are you saying that I should do a full format anyway (they are supposed to be preformatted)? I guess that's no big deal to do.


    I do wonder why Ner0 wrote the image successfully though.



  7. Trying to burn a normal DVD ISO onto an RW (RICOHJPN W11-01). ImgBurn tells me I need to format the disk first. I say OK and it goes to full format.


    OK, so I pop in another (blank) RW this time and it tells me the same thing. I then try a quick erase from the tools menu and ImgBurn says I gotta do a full format first.


    DVDs (quick) erased just fine in Ner0 and burned there too.


    Any ideas what's going on?



  8. Happy birthday mate.




    Remember - Birthdays are good things - statistics say that those people who have more of them live the longest!



  9. LUK may not approve of this but, why don't everyone having problems just go back to version ? Thats what I did until the new release comes.
    How? There's not a mirror hosting it.


    BTW: My burns with 1.2 are flawless, irrespective of this bug (of course, I can't do anything else during the burn but I never do anyway).


    And I agree that premature releases (no pun intended so LFC keep quiet!) only set the author up for a smack in the face from an ungrateful community.



  10. Re spelling - yes, it wouldn't be you volvo. Now, which one is it? The apostophe or the birhday?


    Thanks anyways mate.


    The Ashes will be home in Oz by New Year.



  11. @cytnhia =))


    Thankyou dirio - remember "birthdays are good things - statistics say those people who have the most live longest"


    Spinner - a true gent you are. Thanks for the well wishes :)



  12. Thanks guys - my back hurts but my dick doesn't Shamus - this is doubly sad news. =))


    Bloody Firey said at midnight last night - "Welcome to the Fifties, you old bastard". Wotabitch, eh?


    Thanks again.



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