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  1. I just saw this on TV. Seems the skool district is very badly planned. I'm not sure of the safety implications - no doubt firey will get int my ear about this too - but c'mon...leading her away in handcuffs in front of her and lotsa other kids? Cos she was nasty to the cops? getoutahere!


    The judge orta throw it right outa court.



  2. Here, a pie is a meat pie. Made from the shittiest, lowest quality crap you can find. Basically meat filling a pastry. A bit bigger than the size of your hand.


    When we go to the footy, we can't get enuff of them. No trendy pizzas for us. Give us a pie!!!


    Then just add chips (fat french fries but not as fat as "potato wedges"). Drown them both in tomato sauce (you'll know it as Ketchup) and eat yourself to death.


    Oh yeah - add a few beers while yer at it.





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