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  1. BWA HA HA . no, its not the "same old attitude" , just id rather see people stay in this forum than wander off elsewhere :thumbup:

    oh, and im not a mod ........im a rocker LOL


    have a great xmas and New Year too :)

    Sounds like you came from AfterDawn there volvo =)) =))


    HNY to all



  2. It does and it doesn't do the same as DVD Shrink. ITC makes an ISO using the great mkisofs engine. YThis is a rich, full featured ISO making engine, which enables very cool things like 32k buffers etc.


    DVD Shrink is a simplistic version which outputs a packed ISO.


    Smarter users will use ITC, or better still PgcEdit to make their ISOs and ImgBurn to burn them.



  3. To change the aspect ratio of the domain, use PgcEdit to set the domain attributes of the video. Load the ripped DVD into PgcEdit. Right click on the domain where the vid is, select domaon stream attributes and select 4:3 - note this will change all video in that domain, not just this particular PGC.


    Then kill playback of the second video (Ctrl-K).


    Ctrl-S to save. Test in software player. Easy :)



  4. Just don't go the so-called sunny Queensland LUK Shamus can move.


    @LFC - why, yes, we do. And Firey is the spittin image of Kylie.


    As for Newcastle, it was obvious they'd have a shitty year. It was suggested I barrack for them when I was casting round for an EPL team to support and that's the kiss of death on any footy club I'm afraid. Sorry 'bout that clink and dontasciime.



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