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  1. Thanks for that LUK!


    When we were testing PgcEdit's ISO making, we wondered what was in the MDS file - as your advice was to select it in preference to the ISO - and how we might create an MDS from PgcEdit.


    In practice, the absence of an MDS has not been a bad thing for both SL and DL burns (at least for me).


    What exactly is in it, if I may ask?



  2. For future ref: There's a data recovery prog called Spinrite by Steve Gibson. Never used it - thankfully, never had to.


    Anyway, glad you got things resolved matey.



  3. Just curious Babbit - why have you not tried +Rs. I have several burns on Verbatim DL +R, all of them perfect. Can FF and rewind thru the LB.


    Setting the LB where you want to is easy with +R. And you can set the booktype. I really think this is the better format.



  4. Hiya volvo mate. Been a little while.


    Sounds like the data is real important. In this case, you might like to take the drive to a professional to extract whatever data might be on it.



  5. I come from the school that packet writing stuff that wants to call on the drive while you are buring an important image should be disabled.


    So, you have litte real problems, in terms of safety. But I understand your frustration. InCD was never a real stable prog - it always used to turn itself off mysteriously.


    I'd give it the arse in favour of something a bit more modern - say a DVD RAM (if your drive support it).



  6. Ran Matrix: Reloaded through DVD-RB last night. Works great. But couldn't seem to press any of the menu buttons when I ran the finished dvd through MPC (didn't burn it to a DVD).
    DVDRB does nothing -absolutely nothing - to menus. It copies them over byte for byte.


    It's yer s/w player.



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