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  1. next time you install xp do not install the nvidia ide drivers bit.



    Stick your dvd writer onto an 80 wire ide cable


    see if there is a newer firmware for your lg drive

  2. Team 17 and quite hard @ later levels.


    Gotta shit load of games for it somewhere, My amiga lives in the loft along with the other gadgets that used to be more loved.




    I tried putting the wife in there as well but she is too fucking fat to fit through loft cover

  3. They are cheap now, i think the hdd ones use microdrive. (edit they are 1.8 inch hd,s)


    You got mini dvd, mini dvi (firewire)


    Go for the highest optical zoom over digital zoom everyday.


    Get one with auto focus and manual, a lot of sony ones neglected this.


    Lux lower better.


    Iso higher the better


    check CCD specs, see if you can take still images, get one with image stabiliser.


    Check to see if it does proper widescreen as some say they do but are cheating. Get one that is capable of stereo recording, you can get High def ones now not sure of specs or price on those.


    I need a new one as well as my old samsung is just too embarassing to take out now.



    I would check out the Jvc g series ones. http://www.jvc.co.uk/site/g_series/

  4. I got this error yesterday for the 1st time with the same drive, there was another bit to the error, mind has gone blank what it said, i just put it down to the media and a fluke and gave my son the disc :D


    If it had of happened with the type of media your using i would have updated the firmware pronto.



    Edit actually it's not the same liteon drive the numbers just looked familar, ntos I got too many writers, keep a list in txt doc.

  5. There is little benefit at those speeds, as mentioned do not get caught up in the numbers.


    They are not so relevant now, was in early stages of a dvd writer

    1x 64 minutes 2x 32 minutes 4x 16minutes, however when they went to 8x in my usage, did not mean 8 minute burn, 16x def does not mean 4 minute burn.


    I just now stick to 8x burning or sometimes 6.

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