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  1. the boot loader in the phone is corrupt so neptune flashing is out of the question until THE PDS is put back on phone, TBH your best bet would be to go to local phone shop/repair. see if they have a smartclip they are about 150 quid to buy, but if they got one they can fix your phone, they might also unlock it for you (they will charge to do PDS repair but might throw in the unlocking for free), this and testpoint are about the only way your going to get that phone back on.


    If i had the smartclip i would do it for you for nothing, was looking to buy one but with Christmas round the corner ?150+ is stopping me, I would like to own one though (as the 85% i gave b4 is accurate but the hassle of fixing any v3 that has become corrupt, its quite long frustrating process, ( i will be seeing someone i know tomorrow or next day that i know has smartclip, will see how much he charges for repair, then i can tell you how much you should be expecting to pay for someone near you that has one, If you cannot find someone maybe think about sending me the phone special delivery and i will take it to the lad with smart clip etc) see what he says


    @groundrush, SAMSUNG will be thinking wtf is going on with someone sending them a Motorola v3 :D

  2. I could do it, would mean sending me the phone though.



    Edit i think i could still fix it, but it would be easier if you go to phone shop near where you live and ask them if they have a smart clip and ask them what they will charge you to do a PDS repair on your phone.


    Someone near you will be able to do it.


    I do not have a smart clip, however i could do it the long way, just you might not see you phone again for at least 2-3 weeks. I am 85% certain i could fix it that way.


    If you get stuck really stuck, i could give you the address of someone, but they are in the states.

  3. check for viruses or spyware


    use spybot search and destroy and also get ad aware from lavasoft to check for spyware and which ever anti virus you got with latest updates



    or try uninstalling older version first.



    check to see if you have admin rights

  4. not designed to burn multiple backups, sharing same ide cable is also never ideal and would explain the slowness.


    If you were ever going to attempt this kind of burning, would be better to have each DVD writer on 80 wire separate IDE channel, with source ISO being stored on 2 different SATA drives. (in your case you would have to throw into the mix a SATA dvd writer as well)


    Hassle in other words.


    For the time it takes use the queueing feature.

  5. 6X is achievable all the time on 10/100, well it used to be on my 10/100 network

    I have burned at 12x over a 10/100 as well, though buffer was getting hammered and tbh it never got to 12X. (The disc was fine aftwards though)


    Now all my machines are 10/100/1000 can burn at any speed i choose.


    Should be no problem at 4X

  6. It randomly used to do that on a clean install using ie6 for me.

    I got to the bottom of it and then subsequently forgot how i rectified it.


    You could try this program though it says it has not been tested on ie7 i know it works for 6.


    Fix IE


    You need xp with integrated sp2 cd though.

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