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  1. just checking, never use that mode, rules that out then :D



    Is it just with RW discs or maybe just the one you have tried, as I have had a few RW that do not behave and tell me that i need to format / erase, when i know fine well it had been prepared etc, I had to bin them and use another one.

  2. What is the error ?


    Maybe think about unticking delete image for the time being.


    Also think about checking power options in control panel and also looking at the bios in case you altered something in there.

    Look to see if you ticked hibernation in power management or changed how it shuts down when power button is pressed etc and if you have got it set up to ask for pass on resume.


    Have you changed from a PS2 keybd/mouse to Usb keybd/mouse recently ?

  3. SO enermax is still under warranty, That may be good news for him then.


    Get a psu with high amps on the 12v rail minimum 20 though i would say go for a minimum of 26 amps.



    Some say go for a dual rail 12v or even a triple rail. My dual rail blew under 4 months and it's replacement lasted about 9 months.


    Have seen some psu for 189 GBP no way I'm gonna pay that, never had an email response back from any psu manufacturer when things went bad regardless of warranty.


    Never owned and enermax though.

  4. Thats the firmware version I had when I had a v2 dg834, at that time though I was unaware of any open ports issue. So maybe my v2 was fine.


    Maybe from v3 onwards the problem arose.



  5. I do not really want 270 N to support WEP, I would just like the option to have a mixed network on N so say N B G, allowing router to say ok we have a b signal in range a g or and n, and a rule to say if a b or g device tries to connect which is supplying a wep key then allow wep.

    This would need to have a selection box to provide WEP.


    So it would have to be setup, thus :- supply wep key for use when in b or g or b and g and only enable it to devices on that protocol


    I kind of see problem they have but will be now looking to see if any other manufacturers get round it.


    AS they way it stands the dg834n should have only been released being capable of N, that would not sell though, so they say its compatible with b and g



    In other respects the RangeMax Next is much like the RangeMax 240, offering the same straightforward setup and advanced client-card connection utility, although its cost is a little higher. Only a few settings differ significantly, mostly those having to do with draft-n. For example, the RangeMax Next is the only draft-n router in this group that does not support WEP encryption when in high-speed 40-MHz channel-bonding mode, since that would result in poor performance for draft-n adapters.
    Networks based on 802.11n will also slow down if one or more clients use older WEP or WPA security. Only WPA2 encryption (which began appearing in the last year or so) supports certain performance-enhancing techniques specified in the standard. Netgear says to expect about a 5 percent performance drop with WPA and an even bigger hit with WEP--issues that will persist until you retire all legacy devices lacking WPA2 support



    makes sense now. Netgear do not want it to appear slow

  6. They said they would escalate it and also look into no wep for 270mbps or 130 mbps on dg834n range max next.


    Then one day later got email saying they were not going to fix the no wep whilst selecting 270 or 130 but would further investigate the open ports issue ?

  7. Plenty of ways to scan, mate scanned 1-65535 using port scanner.


    Thing is open ports at default is hardly secure, when users of the netgear 834 range have been hacked thru it.


    I like many other users that buy a hardware firewall would like to think that no ports except the ones we open can respond.

  8. I have just killed the open ports.



    This is how i did it



    you need to use telnet or use putty.


    you also need to type this in first in your browser


  (this allows telnet to work)



    If your using default then this would be



    once your conected to the busybox


    type this below or copy it out of here and right click or , right click paste, as I had to type it out on another computer as this keyboard i am on now does not do the pipe character (the straight looking line in middle of ps aux)




    ps -aux | grep aim



    then look at start number at left hand side and then type kill + the first number you see at left




    you will need to do this everytime you hard reboot router or it resyncs with dslam etc.



    If you use icq though or aim or anything else that uses port 5190 then use 5191 or you could just reopen 5190


    If the router lets you as it's more than likely just gonna tell you that port is already in use or rather already


    has a rule.

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