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  1. what is your o/s? try this http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?s=&show...=findpost&p=972
  2. an iso just contains all the video_ts contents as an image , be it .iso or .img its just a copy of the disc contents
  3. what makes you think burning an iso won't play on a dvd player?
  4. yes, you are missing something
  5. from past experience , a lot of forum visitors have problems with prodisc. try using verbatim or taiyo yuden discs , use imgburn to burn them then you can post logs and we can offer support. whats happening when you use nero to burn ? no idea as i never use it for dvd burning, i found it too unreliable
  6. i think you would get some answers to those questions over at digital-digest
  7. unfortunately we do not discuss the removal of encryption on this forum
  8. you should have got shrink to make an iso instead. try making an iso out of the folders you have with imgtool classic http://www.coujo.de/ imgburn needs an iso or an .img to burn
  9. so what other discs are giving you problems ? we can only see what you post in your log and both times it has been CMC . help us by posting logs using other media another thing you may want to consider is compressing your image a bit more, it looks like you are trying to fill the disc to the max. bad discs usually don't burn well at their extremeties
  10. well we already told you that the discs are CMC , they are known on this forum for their crappy discs. 2 suggestions 1: get some decent discs 2: try burning these at 4x instead
  11. your firmware looks a bit old , try updating to BSOS here http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?download_id=1934 it may help, although those discs are CMC <cough>
  12. looks about the same as the summer we just had
  13. i believe this is a new CMC dye , if its as bad as their old dye then it will give such errors. try verbatim or taiyo yuden
  14. http://www.coujo.de/ its a tool for making iso's out of vob/ifo/bup files. and rather excellent too
  15. you already named a programme that can do it - imgburn burns
  16. yes , it will change after the burn it will show dvd+r D/L at the top of the right hand window and book type -Rom further down
  17. well these verbatim discs have been out quite a while now so i would think that the pioneers firmware would be up to it
  18. try the 16x verbatims DasReich~Dave~ , no problems with them reaching 16x
  19. hello Cambion7, take a look here http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?s=&show...findpost&p=4455
  20. what happens if you restore the programmes defaults? you should be using SPTI and not I 12:01:35 WNASPI32.DLL - Nero WnAspi32 - Win32 Nero Aspi Library - Version
  21. the reason your thread was closed is this forum is for support of imgburn and not dvd decrypter . this means burning discs and not reading them
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